Monday, December 28, 2009

Create your own home gym for under $100

Looking for an inexpensive way to motivate yourself to exercise at home? You can create your own home gym for under $100 dollars. If you have a TV or computer in your room, you can watch exercise videos on You Tube or cable TV programs like Fit TV.

Schedule 20 to 30 minutes, 5 times a week, to invest in your health.

You can also buy workout videos:

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Consumer Reports suggests buying some of these exercise aids:


Cost: about $6 to $60 a pair

Lifting dumbbells will tone your muscles. Consider getting at least two sets, one that's the weight you usually use and one that's a bit more challenging.

Elastic bands or tubes

Cost: about $10 to $15 each

They provide resistance training for strengthening and toning muscles. Consider getting one that's a little tougher than the other so that you have two levels of resistance.

Stability ball

Cost: about $20 to $40

It adds variety to your core workouts. Try a 45-cm ball if you're less than 5 feet tall, a 55-cm ball if you're 5 foot 1 inch to 5 foot 7 inches, and a 65-cm if you're taller.

Workout DVDs

Cost: about $15 each

The best include strength, flexibility, and cardio routines. You can also find free exercise programs on TV.

Exercise mat

Cost: about $13 to $20 for a 2x6-foot mat

Exercising on the floor can be tough on the joints, so consider a pad for cushioning.