Monday, November 30, 2009

Relaxing at one of my favorite restaurants

My good friends know, I love drinking loose leaf tea. I enjoy sipping white tea all morning long (I've written about all of the incredible health benefits especially with white tea because it is not processed like other teas)

My husband Mike and I had lunch outside at one of our favorite restaurants, Restaurant BT in Hyde Park Village in South Tampa. 
BT also knows how much I appreciate the fresh ingredients she uses in all of her dishes so she surprised me with this incredible homemade tea!
She added fresh ginger, lemongrass, fresh mint, kumquats and a touch of honey--it was amazing!

It can be hard to eat fresh and healthy at restaurants... that's why I always end up at Restaurant BT. She uses mainly fresh ingredients in all of her dishes.
I WISH I could've shown you the fresh cilantro chicken sandwich, but Mike ate it before I could even pull out my cell phone!
He craves it once a week!
I always order the pumpkin soup... I'm lucky I was able to take a photo... it's hard for me to resist devouring this soup!

The wild salmon soba is loaded with vegetables and a light way to start your day.

This is the time of year we can sit outside and really enjoy Tampa weather. Call your girlfriends and spend a nice afternoon sitting outside and enjoying December in Florida.