Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally--Exercise I Enjoy!

Exercise is not REALLY my favorite thing to do so I have to share when I've actually found something I actually enjoy doing several times a week--bikram yoga! Yes, it's the hot yoga, but the instructor in my class doesn't make you feel horrible if you can't twist into a pretzel. ;)

I had been occasionally doing 20 minute pilates tapes at home. I thought I was silly to just take this bikram class without working my way through easier classes, but Tom makes it welcoming to all levels.

It's an hour & a half--worth every minute. The only funny thing is the last time I went to the Thursday class...only a handful of people were there. It's usually packed!

3 guys and me! That's it! I had to laugh because talk about a reversal. Yoga classes are usually jam packed with all girls and maybe 2 guys. This is a class even guys would like--promise! I'm still working on convincing my husband of that!