Saturday, October 31, 2009

The HEAT is on the second day of the 60 mile, Breast Cancer 3 Day

Part of the 3Day experience involves sleeping in these little pink tents for two nights.
If you're lucky, it won't rain (remember 2005? I can still feel the rain dripping through my tent and soaking my sleeping bag!)

If you're thinking about walking in the 3Day, you really should stay in the tents and enjoy all camp has to offer. It makes you even more thankful for little luxuries--like a hot bath at home!

This is my 5th year walking in the 3Day.
I've stayed in the tents two years and stayed at home the past three. (They had to keep the showers open late for me because after I walked, I had to log on to an unreliable laptop to file my stories from camp before I could go to bed. Now I head home because it's easier to write at my desk using my "dehydrated brain"--walkers, you KNOW exactly what I mean.

There's nothing like catching the morning sunrise as you set out to start the day!

Reg and I always walk all 60 miles, but I have to admit, even after 5 years, you would THINK I would know how to prevent blisters! It's not for lack of effort! I have some heel blisters that keep growing! I'm blaming it on the heat!

This is the first time I've ever seen Reg struggle. He's never had problems with his feet... until this year.
We may be smiling in these photos, but trust me, our "piggies are swollen!"
Voluteers, safety crew members and I thought this might be the first year his body forces him to stop...not Reg!
We both completed the second day of the walk.
That's the beauty of this walk. When our feet are throbbing, our toenails our hitting the front of our shoes and we're not sure what exactly is aching because it ALL HURTS, you meet people like the Pink Dragon Ladies.

These breast cancer survivors have been cheering on the 3Day walkers for 3 years. This all survivor group gives out hugs, thank you's and whatever you need to find the energy to keep going!

Strangers instantly become friends. These three walkers were so much fun, they made sure Reg completed the walk, one block at a time! Thank you!

It doesn't stop there...


co-workers (thank you 10 Connects!)

and firefighters like Mark Spoeneman at Fire Station 29

and Jeff and Tim at Fire Station 24 in Treasure Island

encouraged all of us to fight the heat, blisters, troubled toenails and aches and pains.

Many made us laugh through any pain with their creative costumes.

You go through every emotion during this walk. No matter how much everything hurts, you talk to the next person in front of you and quickly remember why we walk.

I saw Glenn Permuy from Tampa, carrying a tall sign in the distance.

As I walked closer, I could see the photo of his mother Arlene.
This is his first year walking. It's something he wanted to do with his sister, Jennifer, to lift his mom's spirits.
She has been battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. She looked forward to cheering for them along the route--she even bought pink pom pons!

Once again, breast cancer has taken someone from us far too soon.
Unfortunately, she past away last Saturday.
But Glenn and Jennifer said they know she would appreciate "Team Arlene" taking part.

Blisters? What blisters? I've got to keep on walking..