Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing a few guys to a "healthy restaurant"

I had a GREAT time at Race for the Cure this past weekend.

There's something special that happens when a group of people who have all been impacted by cancer get together...

we all know the value and gift of each day. Just getting together with 12,000 people in Vinoy Park recharged my batteries!

I really appreciate a couple of guys from the TV station who got up EXTRA early Saturday to help Reg and me cheer on the walkers and runners.

It means a lot to me! I figured the least I could do is take them to lunch.

Of course they tried to get me to take them to Five Guys...ohhhhh as much as I LOVED burgers and fries back in the day, I just couldn't do it.

So I dragged them to one of my favorite places to eat outside in St. Pete on Central Ave... Organic Cafe.
Baked sweet potatoe french fries, whole grain, flaxseed oatmeal cookies, unsweetened white tea... clearly I was in Heaven! While I was tempted to suggest the vegetarian shepherd's pie, I played it safe with this crowd! :) Sandwich wraps and salads are always great.

Thanks again Beau, Mike and Mitchell!  I've got the photo to prove you guys ate healthy stuff! I will add it as soon as I get it!