Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'll say "cheers" to that...

We've all heard about the health benefits of drinking red wine, but if it sometimes puts you to sleep, you need a better "party drink." A drink with a healthy twist!

How about Green Tea Mojito? Berry Good Sangria or Cherry Chiller? A friend of mine just wrote a book called "Organic, Shaken and Stirred."
I love the concept!

I had my first "fresh" drink at The Don CeSar Hotel on St. Pete Beach.
I ordered the Beach Berry--Prairie Organic Vodka, agave nectar, muddled with fresh black berries and lemon juice.
Nothing wrong with drinking your anti-inflammatory super fruits with a serving of alcohol. Maybe they balance each other a little better? 
(Actually the idea of not having all the sugary sweetened, artificial flavors in my drink made it taste much better.)
In my friend's new book, "Organic, Shaken and Stirred"  Paul Abercrombie shows you how to make the freshest drinks using tangelos, acai and even aloe vera!
Here's one of my favorites:
Green Tea Mojito
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
4 large organic mint leaves
2 teaspoons organic sugar (or sweetener of your choice)
3 ounces brewed organic green tea at room temp.
1 ounce organic white rum
In a tall glass, muddle lime juice, mint and sugar together until mint is bruised. Fill the glass three-quarters full with ice cubes, pour in the green tea and rum, stir well. Sit back and relax!