Friday, September 18, 2009

Best tasting high fiber cereals

Yes, it has the reputation of tasting like cardboard or getting stuck in your stomach so you feel and look 8 months pregnant!
Times have changed! Now it's worth adding a high fiber cereal to the top of your grocery list.

Not only does it fill you up and help keep you slim, but high fiber cereal can also lower your cholesterol, balance hormones and keep diabetes in check.
Integrative medical doctors suggest you eat about 40 grams a day. (The government says about 28 grams is enough.)

I told you about my favorite, high fiber cereal (12 grams fiber/170 calories) a few BLOGS ago.
It made the "good" list. I'm still going to stick with it because it's higher in fiber compared to most brands tested.

Now Consumer Reports is out with its top list.
The winners include:
Costco's Kirkland Signature Spiced Pecan made the only top "excellent spot" with 7 grams of fiber, 190 calories.
Some of the "very good" cereals include:
Kashi GoLean Crunch Fiber Twigs, Soy Protein Grahams and Honey Puffs with 10 grams of fiber, 140 calories.
Archer Farms High Fiber (Target) with 10 grams of fiber, 150 calories
Barbara's Bakery Ultima Organic with 12 grams of fiber, 170 calories
You can see the entire list on

**Make sure you take a close look at the sweetener in high fiber cereals. Some popular brands use aspartame or sucralose. I avoid chemical sweeteners.