Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heather's Green Guide: A facial peel that pulverizes pores!

You know I believe what you put on the inside of your body will be reflected on the outside. When I eat sugary, processed foods, my face is puffy the next day, my pores look bigger and my skin seems dull.
I've noticed when I keep my system clean (read my BLOG below to see what I mean) and eat fresh, simple foods including good fatty foods like wild salmon, avocado or unrefined, organic coconut oil, my face glows!

I always start my morning with a cup of loose leaf white tea (read the study I posted about this natural wrinkle fighter on Heather's Natural

Clearly, spending time in front of an HDTV camera has forced me to take good care of my face. I swear you can SEE pores with our cameras! ;)
I've used harsh, chemical based skincare lines like Obagi. My skin turned red and eventually looked better but it didn't seem like a longterm solution.

Your skin absorbs what you put on it so over the years. Ten years ago, some major autoimmune issues forced me to take a look at chemicals in every day products (who knew my HAIRSPRAY was one of the culprits behind my autoimmune response!)
I've phased out harsher products to make room for paraben/phthalate free, natural skincare lines.
I've wasted a ton of money on "natural products" that didn't do much of anything (well, they did turn me extra greasy!).

I want to save you money with Heather's Green Guide. It will be a great resource where you can find natural products that REALLY DO WORK! If you care about the ingredients in your products, let me do the homework so you can see the winner's list.

My girlfriend, Edyta, turned me on to the Eminence Organic skincare.
I've tried a couple of things and will only recommend the products that are worth your money because they work.

The Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel has earned a spot in Heather's Green Guide as a natural skincare product that tightens pores, gives you a glow and won't bombard your skin with a zillion toxic chemicals you can't pronounce! I use it once a week (especially around my nose!). This is the first time I've actually noticed my pores getting dramatically smaller! Always a good thing! I have sensitive skin so it's always a plus when I am not bright red after using a product!
It costs about $35 dollars but keep in mind with all of these products, you use a dime or nickel size so they really last a long time. I've seen better prices online so shop around.

I did have to buy the "Soothing Chamomile Toner" a baking soda based toner that balances your skin after the peel.
The Citrus Exfoliating Wash is a great daily wash that helps me remove SERIOUS make-up at the end of the day.

I am a fan of these three products because I can easily understand the ingredients on the label and I've noticed a dramatic improvement in the short time I've been using them.

Please let me know some of your favorite products (cleaners, shampoos, baby products, foods, drinks, cosmetics) to be considered for Heather's Green Guide.
Remember, ingredients matter!