Thursday, August 27, 2009

Natural ways to handle allergies

Swollen lymph nodes, congestion, sneezing... nope, not H1N1, but allergies!
My co-anchor, Reggie, is usually the first to sound the alarm. I know it's tough to deal with side effects of medication versus misery of allergies.

I posted an article today about some natural things many integrative doctors suggest you try first...

You've probably seen neti pots all over the place. You can even buy them at your local pharmacy. I don't use mine every day, but if I start to sneeze or I am surrounded by sickos, I'll use it. I think it's actually funny (some might even say a little gross) to use it, but I've noticed it works!

I also included a picture of my "shortcut." If I have to fly on a plane, a medical doctor friend of mine suggested I keep a natural nasal spray with me. She says to use it before & after you fly or anytime you start sneezing, etc.

It's called Xclear. I bought it at a local health food store. I'm sure other natural brands are good too because the idea is to clear all the stuff that might get stuck in your nose.
Send me an email if you've found a natural way to get relief.

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