Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I take fish oil

I am running out the door this morning so that means my breakfast is a quick berry smoothie AND a side of fish oil (not together-yuck!)

I usually try to get my nutrition from food so you won't find me popping a zillion supplements, but pharmaceutical grade, distilled fish oil are one exception. I take them everyday.

A new study confirms the importance of taking high quality fish oil supplements or eating wild salmon or sardines at least twice a week.
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I've interviewed a lot of integrative medical doctors who told me fish oil is their number one supplement recommendation. Our bodies can't make omega fatty acids (our brains need it to function) so we need to eat fish or take supplements. The research is impressive enough that omega fatty acids are showing up in prenatal vitamins.

Heart disease researchers reviewed thousands of studies and created new guidelines:
500mg for healthy people & 800 to 1000 mg for people with heart disease.

I take 1000 mg a day because I've noticed an improvement in my joints and "mental clarity."
I've tried cheaper brands like Costco store brand, but I always come back to Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega (I have no ties to the company--I swear!). It has a lemon flavor--no "fishy funk."

Just remember fish oil (like aspirin) can thin your blood so don't take it before surgery. Make sure you always talk to your doctor about all supplements/vitamins you are taking.
Have a great Tuesday!